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Want to be a happy cyclist? Here is what you should do


There are 2 kinds on cyclists in the world, one that just do it to stay fit while others like you and me who do it because it for us is an important part of our lives we have fun doing and want to improve at but has there ever been a time you haven’t felt so strongly about it?

A time when it seems like you are stuck in a rut, when a trail seems too much of an effort? Well if yes then you are in the right place. Here are few ways to help you stay happy and get back on track.

Know yourself

The key to being happy actually depends on how well you know yourself. Be true to yourself about cycling, your limitations etc. and trust me you will be way happier than most cyclists. Always remember why you started off in the first place.

Now have your long road trips with friends been replaced by races and time trials? Well then I guess it is time you took that long awaited road trip to get your head right.

Stop competing

Yes races are fun, quite a lot of fun especially when you are up against a couple friends but is racing and winning all that matters? I started cycling because I loved racing and I am sure most you out there love it too but sometimes we get too caught up in it.

What really matters is that you have fun and if racing no longer seems fun then it is time you reconsidered your cycling goals.

Manage your time better

Another reason you are probably not feeling the same love towards cycling is because it may have turned into a hindrance. Is it taking too much of your time? Is your work or home suffering because of it?

Well relax you do not need to stop it. All you really need to do is manage your time better. Instead of an hour long ride divide it into shorter intervals.

Be organized

How is easy is it to find something in a mess? Well quite tough isn’t it and believe it or not it is the same when it comes to your cycling as well. One thing that makes cycling fun for me is a smooth and well maintained cycle but if your cycle is not well-oiled and the parts are well below par then I can see why it seems more like chore.

So get up, get it repaired, clean it all up and trust me a couple of minutes into your ride and you will feel a whole lot better about it.

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