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Road Cycling Guide for Beginners

How many of you out there love watching the Tour de France every year? Has it recently inspired you to hop on to a bike and get riding? Now you can cycle for a number of reasons.

You can do it do for the thrill of racing, to get back into shape or just to have fun up on the mountains but before you get going there are a few basic things you should know about and here in this guide I have covered it all for you.

Never forget your helmet

When it comes to wearing a helmet or not well there is no thinking twice, it is an absolute must. Crash without a helmet and there is a good chance you may not even know your back home.

Now I know not all us like it but it is the simplest way to stay safe. Also do not avoid spending on your helmet. It may seem like a lot but will be nothing as compared to your medical bill in case you crash.


Find the right fitting bike

Now finding the right bike fit is not as easy as it sounds but if you can get expert help well then nothing like it. Check out local shops around you to help you get the right fit. Getting the right bike is crucial and here is why.

It will not only provide you better and comfortable ride but more importantly keep back problems away. I usually check the bike fit through the saddle height which in some bikes can be changed.

Here is how to get the right bike

Find the right road

Now that you have the right bike the next thing you need to look for is the right road to ride it on especially if it is your first time. I would suggest you look for a cycling club near you or check it out online.

This way not only will you find better routes but it is also the best way make new friends to ride with which is always fun.


Carry your ID

You may have all the right gear, the best helmet and the strongest bike but even then accidents happen. Now while avoiding them may not always be possible a few things can ensure you get back home safely.

Make sure you always carry your ID along with you. I usually carry some basic information about me in my dairy. You can also wear a bracelet if carrying a diary or paper seems too boring.

Get used to the traffic

Well you are going to be riding on roads and thus going to come across a lot of traffic. So how do you deal with it? Well the only way to do that is to get used to it. There is no avoiding traffic so keep your head straight, keep an eye out for on coming and ongoing cars and power through.



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