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On a low budget? Check out these bikes

So do you love riding bikes but just not willing to buy one? Well the question is why? Is it the budget? If yes you are in the right place. Well what if I told you that you can get an equally awesome looking and high spec bike even at a lower cost?

Now how awesome is that, right? So before you give up on the idea of going for your early morning rides check out these bikes that you can buy for below $1000.

Pinarello Lungavita

Yes you are reading it right. You can get a Pinarello for that too as low as $950. Though it may not be the high speed racing bike you want but for a bike that’s low costing it is just amazing.

It is a single speed bike that allows you to opt for a free or static wheel/ hub alternative. The bike is built using 6061 T6 aluminum and I love the colour patterns this bike has to offer. Also the white rims add to the overall looks of the bike.


Kona Zing

Though Kona has a wide range of trail and cyclocross bikes the Zing stands out and that is not only because of its low cost but also because of its really good specs. It is a perfect bike for first time riders and also for riders having trouble with climbing.

It’s specially designed crankset makes climbing really easy. Apart from that the cockpit is also bigger and it would just cost you about $900.


Schwinn Coffee

Well the bike is as classy as the name is and what I really love about this bike is its retro look. Apart from that the bike is quite light and yet strong and the rack has enough room to ensure you get a comfortable ride.

The bike also has good looking brakes, pedals etc. and comes in all sorts of sizes and would cost you just about $450.

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Marin Ignacio

Well if you love retro bikes and have a slightly higher budget and are looking for something better than the Schwinn Coffee well then I am sure you will love the Marin Ignacio. Though this bike will cost you about $900 it is worth the price.

The bike comes with toe clips to ensure your feet remain rooted to the pedals ensuring a better ride. It also comes in really cool retro colors. It is a single speed bike and is solidly built.



Novara Transfer

If you know about the Transfer Fusion well the Novara is actually very similar to it except that this one will cost you less. The Novara is priced around $650.

The bike comes with both headlights and taillights that are battery powered which makes it a perfect bike if you love riding at night. The bike is light, strongly built and can be bought in various different sizes.




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