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Because Cycling is Better Than These 7 Alternative Means of Travelling…

Here are a few alternatives which, when compared to cycling in terms of commuting, prove that cycling is a better choice.



Commuting with the idea of running can be very challenging. Carrying a backpack which would continuously brush against your neck and result in a graze that’d make your colleagues judge you is another issue with this choice of commuting.

Also, you don’t want to sweat and look like a total fiasco when you enter your office because running is something you can’t help with perspiration. Moreover, you’d have to carry spare footwear for running too.


This choice of commuting may be dangerous for everybody. As it demands perfection and experience with rollerblades, carrying them in running traffic or busy pavements is yet another challenge.


Scooter commuting may seem completely normal, but it isn’t. It’s definitely a faster mode than walking but technically not faster than cycling. Also, it looks silly as it only allows one leg to be exercised at a time. So, it’s like a one-legged fitness mode of transport.


Car is definitely a more comfortable choice on a sunny day. But during rush hour, poor drivers watch cyclists swift through the traffic easily. Also, cyclists get an advantage to move through pavements or take shortcuts which are inaccessible for car drivers.

Another disadvantage of taking a car to commute is finding a safe and suitable car parking as every office doesn’t reserve or provide parking for your car.


Well, travelling by a bus has its own challenges. Waking up early in the morning and getting ready in haste to catch a bus at a certain time. Even if you do, it isn’t necessary that you’d get a seat. Also, one cannot guarantee the behavior of the crowd in the bus along with the interior conditions of the bus. Such as a chewing gum beneath the seats, sweaty and rusty poles, speed of the driver, peaceful environment, etc.


The conditions and challenges of commuting in a train are pretty similar to that of a bus. Too packed to get a seat, unsuitable environment/crowd, fixed time that you would have to adhere to, unhealthy seating or travelling conditions, etc.


Swimming isn’t much of an available option for people to commute. A minority of people commute through swimming that too when they have to work in waters for e.g., fishing. So swimming cannot be your option anyway as it requires an expansion of water from your home to your office.

Keep in mind these alternatives to travel to your office if you don’t like cycling as a choice and you’ll get your answer.

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