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Biking Guide for women

The Ultimate Guide to Biking for Women

We all are familiar with the perks of riding a bike. It burns down calories, tones legs, is gentler on the joints as compared to running and helps in strengthening the muscles. It is open for everyone with no age barriers.

Biking Guide for women

It is remarkable how women riders have evolved with time. Where the number of men riders remained flat, women participation grew to 20% from 2003-2012. With a difference of around 60% women bike owners today from ages 17-28, the male-only Tour de France bike race is organizing a one day women’s race.

Elysa Walk, general manager of Giant Bicycle which is a leading female focused cycling brand, says that she predicts cycling to be as mainstream activity for women as yoga and running. With the remarkable outcome of women participation in so many activities and training sessions for international triathlons, we provide you with a cycling guide for women.


Whether you are travelling, running shops, going for a spin or working out, keep these following steps in mind.


Just stay focused. All you need to do is decide on where you go with a look 20 feet ahead of your travel. One really needs to stay careful downhill and ultimately trust the bike.


According to Stevens, your legs and muscles last longer if you ride about 80-100 revolutions per minute. In order to calculate your rpm, count right knee rises in 15seconds and multiply it by 4. The reason multiplying it by four is because 20-25 equal a cadence between 80and 100. Since the muscles tire quickly if you push to a slow cadence of 65 to 70, shift to an easier gear on climbs for e.g., 90-95rpms.


A classic mistake nowadays is wearing bike shorts with underwear. The seams rub against the skin thereby harming it. Moreover, it is advised to take off the cycling shorts as soon as you’re over with cycling in order to avoid moisture build up and roughness.

Best Road Bikes for You

  1. TREK MADONE 4.3 W.S.D.

It’s an all carbon ride with an astonishing frame and addictive ride quality. The bike is a comfort without compromise.


The bike is an ideal for all kinds, an invite for a fun run, and comfortable ride on roads, gravel or dirt. It helps providing stability on different tracks for beginners.


If you prefer a road bike or just want to go out for some exercise, the Volare is one of the best for women bikes. It has a Schwinn aluminum road frame with road fork for agile riding. Moreover, the Alloy caliper brakes stop precisely.



It is amazing how people enjoy treating bike as a part of their body. Challenging themselves, and taking the bike over roots and rocks is a blissful feeling for adventure seekers. A few things one needs to keep in mind are:


When you reach over rocks and roots, get up off the saddle, stand up on the pedals and bend the elbows about 45 degrees and think of separating the body from the bike. Keep the body weight centered, arms relaxed and shoulders pointing in the heading direction. This makes the bike move freely beneath you without causing you much harm during jerks.


Improper tire pressure can cause flats. According to Georgia Gould( Olympic mountain bike bronze medalist and Luna Pro team member), “ fat tires” needn’t be filled all the way if they can take a max of 50 psi, riding at lower pressure such as starting from 25-27 psi helps in making proper grip, cornering and comfort while riding.


Riding off- roads maybe daunting for beginners, but the positive mind makes a big difference. Riding with self confidence and trust on the bike boosts a person and motivates him to go for the heights while a doubting mind tenses things up, therefore leading to mistakes. This becomes a vicious cycle and you should raise your confidence by concentrating on the destination than the path.

Best Mountain Bikes for You


The first women’s full suspension composite bike is a 27.5 inch bike. The bike provides everything a woman needs to get out on the trail. Starting from being designed keeping in mind the woman body measurements and geometry, adjusting the center of gravity to better fit the way a woman rides. Moreover, its low weight adds a ton of control and power to the riding and makes climbing fun.


The bike provides quality features in a fashionable design. A T6 aluminum frame and butted tubing construction offers the best lightweight and durable bike. Moreover, the equation wheels roll over obstacles and deliver better grip.


The bike is designed according to a woman’s proportions. The Trail SL frames have a new lightweight tube set modeled after their high-end F-series frames which makes the bike easier to control on uneven terrains.



Training for triathlons, international competitions, setting one’s own record etc., gives a blissful feeling of conquering something. Challenges are always good to accept and feel good about oneself when won over. Things to know before training oneself for racing a bike are a must go through:


The rule is to move your legs in an oval shape and not just push when using clip less pedals. Just feel the movement and instead of just pushing down, push forward and pull back.


Gwen Jorgensen, the 2010 USA Triathlon Rookie of the Year advices people to test themselves from time to time. The rule is to challenge yourself every week to complete a 4-20 minute circuit and compare times, fatigue, cadence, etc.


When in such races one has to get off and run with the bike, stand opposite to the sharp gears i.e. left side, pick the bike up with right arm sliding through the triangle and lift it on the right shoulder grabbing the bottom of the left handlebar.




The bike is designed for both triathlons as well as for normal road biking and is aimed for those getting into sport. It comes with a zero offset seat post and clip on aero bars. One can unclip the bars if they need to during road biking.


Plasma 30 is a full-carbon frame and fork based bike. This gives it an important weight advantage over most time trial bikes in the market. The steering is precise, with fast-reacting geometry highlighting the short and agile wheelbase.


The bike is designed especially for Cyclocross. The frame is Aluminum with a nice Easton EC70 Carbon fork. This alloy mount is one of the very few best picks for women.


A Must-Read Gear Guide for Beginner Cyclists


So what bike do you plan to buy next, a road bike, mountain bike or a hybrid bike? Well irrespective of the kind of bike you love riding there one thing I would suggest all beginners must practice really hard before planning a long road trip and that is gearing.

Learn it well and I bet you will have a speedy yet smooth and comfortable ride and to help you out I have covered a few tips you will definitely find helpful.

Practice, practice and practice

Have you heard the saying practice makes a man perfect? Well even if you have not I can hardly stress more on how much it matters. So stop watching the videos and reading articles and get out there and actually do it.

For that I would suggest you begin by cycling on smooth empty roads and continue practicing till you get better at it and if you can do it quickly enough trust me those climbs will seem a lot easier than they do at the moment.

Right is rear, left is front

Did you know your bike comes with 2 gear sets, one in the front and the other one at the back? The front set is called chainrings while the one at the back is known as the cassette.

To change the front gear use the lever provided on the left side of the bike whereas the one at the back can be changed using the lever at the ride side. Remembering this is important to changing the gears quickly enough especially when climbing.



Always shift

A mistake I often made as rookie was just staying on a single chainring and only changing the rear ones. Now this is not a bad thing to do but it is best if you avoid it. Well you are probably wondering why?

It is simply because this habit can result in the chain and also the gears wearing out rather quickly leading to a higher maintenance cost which I am sure you definitely would hate.

Anticipating well matters

Want to get better at gearing? Well know your routes better. If you can anticipate the hill you can prepare better to gear. Now gearing uphill is so important because I am sure you do not want to reach up halfway and then have to walk the rest.

Now this is not going to be easy at first but stick to it, practice the right technique and it will definitely work out for you.

Avoid shifting often

When coming downhill you might feel the need to shift too quickly, I know I did but like most experts will tell you it isn’t the right thing to do. Know your trail, understand your bike and shift accordingly. Shift too quickly and there is a chance of the chain coming off.

Want to do it like pro?


Want to be a happy cyclist? Here is what you should do


There are 2 kinds on cyclists in the world, one that just do it to stay fit while others like you and me who do it because it for us is an important part of our lives we have fun doing and want to improve at but has there ever been a time you haven’t felt so strongly about it?

A time when it seems like you are stuck in a rut, when a trail seems too much of an effort? Well if yes then you are in the right place. Here are few ways to help you stay happy and get back on track.

Know yourself

The key to being happy actually depends on how well you know yourself. Be true to yourself about cycling, your limitations etc. and trust me you will be way happier than most cyclists. Always remember why you started off in the first place.

Now have your long road trips with friends been replaced by races and time trials? Well then I guess it is time you took that long awaited road trip to get your head right.

Stop competing

Yes races are fun, quite a lot of fun especially when you are up against a couple friends but is racing and winning all that matters? I started cycling because I loved racing and I am sure most you out there love it too but sometimes we get too caught up in it.

What really matters is that you have fun and if racing no longer seems fun then it is time you reconsidered your cycling goals.

Manage your time better

Another reason you are probably not feeling the same love towards cycling is because it may have turned into a hindrance. Is it taking too much of your time? Is your work or home suffering because of it?

Well relax you do not need to stop it. All you really need to do is manage your time better. Instead of an hour long ride divide it into shorter intervals.

Be organized

How is easy is it to find something in a mess? Well quite tough isn’t it and believe it or not it is the same when it comes to your cycling as well. One thing that makes cycling fun for me is a smooth and well maintained cycle but if your cycle is not well-oiled and the parts are well below par then I can see why it seems more like chore.

So get up, get it repaired, clean it all up and trust me a couple of minutes into your ride and you will feel a whole lot better about it.

Bicyclists injured in a car accident lying down on the road and holding his head with helmet. A person who is driving car running to helps to injured man

What you should do after a bike crash

Whether you have been riding for years or have just begun there is one thing no cyclist can avoid and that is crashing. Like it or not it is part and parcel of cycling. Now while you cannot always avoid a crash how you react to it can make a huge difference between a major or minor injury. So what is it that you should do after a crash? Below are all the things you need to do and look out for.

Bicyclists injured in a car accident lying down on the road and holding his head with helmet. A person who is driving car running to helps to injured man

Be calm and relax

How many times have you fallen of your bike and instantly tried to get back on it by saying you are ok? I guess quite a few times, isn’t that right? But the question is, is it the right thing to do? Trust me it’s not.

After a crash relax and take your time to get back riding. Make sure your bike and more importantly you are fine. Move around, look around and only then start riding again.

Have a first aid kit

Do you feel carrying a first aid kit is not all that important? Well trust me it is. Not only is the kit important but after a crash a few standard first aid checks are a must too. Wondering what these checks are?

Well make sure you can still feel every part of your body and that there are no bones sticking out or bleeding. Also make sure no part of your body is paining. In case of any such signs don’t be a hero and instead call for help.



Check for a concussion

The best way to look for a concussion is by assessing the damage on your helmet. Is there a huge crack or bend on it? Well then there is a good chance you may have a concussion.

Apart from that if you feel confused and can’t remember anything then again there is a chance you have a concussion. The key here is to again remain calm and take your time. I would suggest you call for help and stay put.

Check the wheels

Well from my past experience I can tell you this that after a crash the parts that are more likely to be damaged are the wheels of your bike but on the bright side you can find the problem quickly.

After the crash make sure your tires still have enough air and are not leaking. Apart from that also make sure the spokes are intact. Your brakes and discs etc. should also be functioning well.


The frame of the bike is quite strong and is usually the last thing I check after a crash. Is your bike made of carbon? Well then look for cracks since even the smallest ones can turn bad as you ride away. Cracks and dents in steel or aluminium bikes are usually less problematic.

Worried about crashing? Here is how to cycle more safely