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A Must-Read Gear Guide for Beginner Cyclists


So what bike do you plan to buy next, a road bike, mountain bike or a hybrid bike? Well irrespective of the kind of bike you love riding there one thing I would suggest all beginners must practice really hard before planning a long road trip and that is gearing.

Learn it well and I bet you will have a speedy yet smooth and comfortable ride and to help you out I have covered a few tips you will definitely find helpful.

Practice, practice and practice

Have you heard the saying practice makes a man perfect? Well even if you have not I can hardly stress more on how much it matters. So stop watching the videos and reading articles and get out there and actually do it.

For that I would suggest you begin by cycling on smooth empty roads and continue practicing till you get better at it and if you can do it quickly enough trust me those climbs will seem a lot easier than they do at the moment.

Right is rear, left is front

Did you know your bike comes with 2 gear sets, one in the front and the other one at the back? The front set is called chainrings while the one at the back is known as the cassette.

To change the front gear use the lever provided on the left side of the bike whereas the one at the back can be changed using the lever at the ride side. Remembering this is important to changing the gears quickly enough especially when climbing.



Always shift

A mistake I often made as rookie was just staying on a single chainring and only changing the rear ones. Now this is not a bad thing to do but it is best if you avoid it. Well you are probably wondering why?

It is simply because this habit can result in the chain and also the gears wearing out rather quickly leading to a higher maintenance cost which I am sure you definitely would hate.

Anticipating well matters

Want to get better at gearing? Well know your routes better. If you can anticipate the hill you can prepare better to gear. Now gearing uphill is so important because I am sure you do not want to reach up halfway and then have to walk the rest.

Now this is not going to be easy at first but stick to it, practice the right technique and it will definitely work out for you.

Avoid shifting often

When coming downhill you might feel the need to shift too quickly, I know I did but like most experts will tell you it isn’t the right thing to do. Know your trail, understand your bike and shift accordingly. Shift too quickly and there is a chance of the chain coming off.

Want to do it like pro?

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