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5 mistakes to avoid before your next bike ride

Are your friend’s able cycle better than you? Can they ride longer, faster than you are able to? Well then instead of trying to make your bike faster or getting a new one have you ever considered the fact that you may not be preparing well enough for your rides?

Well while most sites and experts will tell what you should be doing it is also important to know what you should avoid. So here are 5 mistakes to avoid before you go cycling tomorrow.

Consuming fat and fiber rich foods

To ride well you need energy and no the salad you love eating before your ride does not provide you that. These foods are rich in fiber and your body needs time to digest them whereas energy is provided by foods that are quickly digested.

Foods rich in fat have the same problem and can also make you feel sick. So for your next ride I would suggest you ditch the salad and switch to foods rich in carbs and proteins.


Drinking water

Yes being hydrated is good but if you are going to gulp down a whole bottle of water before your ride well then it can be a problem. I would advise you drink little in regular intervals rather than chugging down the entire bottle to make up for the entire ride.

Drink too much and you will need more bathroom breaks than everybody else. Apart from that it can also cause hyponatremia which can result in a headache, nausea etc.

Not running a maintenance check

So how many times has it happened that 20-25 minutes into your ride you realize than the tires are low on air or your brakes are not tight enough? All these are signs that you are not doing a proper check of your bike before you head out.

These checks are crucial especially if you plan to ride long and ride fast and if you are not sure about it get it check by an expert.


Not stretching right

Yes stretching is good and is important but if you are not doing it right well then it hardly makes a difference. Static stretching is not as good as you may have first thought. In fact it only reduces your muscle strength.

So what should you be doing to get yourself warmed up for your ride? Well a small ride on your bikes is good and here are a few stretches you can try out.

Keeping your location a secret

While most of us think we are too cool to be telling everybody our location have you ever considered what if you got stranded or met with a crash? So the next time you head out do make sure you let someone know your location and also how many hours you plan to ride. Also make sure you carry your phone.

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