Road Cycling Guide for Beginners

How many of you out there love watching the Tour de France every year? Has it recently inspired you to hop on to a bike and get riding? Now you can cycle for a number of reasons.

11 Most Common Winter-Cycling Blunders

Irrespective of the experience on bike, we all make some obvious mistakes especially during the cold season as we don’t know how to deal with it. Winter is the beginning of the cycling season. It is the

Top 10 Myths About Cycling Busted

We all are certain with the basic benefits of cycling. But there may be a few myths that proliferate among the rookies or the non-cyclists. Here we are to expose such myths. CYCLING IS RISKY Cycling is

5 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Sell Your Bike

Buying a second hand bike can be a great idea when you want to save cash or are new to cycling. You wouldn’t want to spend your money on a new bike when you cannot do justice

10 Common Beliefs About Road Biking that Aren’t True!

CYCLING IS DANGEROUS When you conduct a survey of the literature on cycling accidents you discover that cycling safety statistics are pretty dry. But there is more to each accidental experience. It is not the entire contribution

How to Train YourSelf to Cycle More Often

It can be very difficult nowadays to take time out for proper training with life stuck around family, work, social life, etc. Cycling to commute is a great idea. If you want to stay fit, burn fat

5 mistakes to avoid before your next bike ride

Are your friend’s able cycle better than you? Can they ride longer, faster than you are able to? Well then instead of trying to make your bike faster or getting a new one have you ever considered

The Ultimate Guide to Biking for Women

We all are familiar with the perks of riding a bike. It burns down calories, tones legs, is gentler on the joints as compared to running and helps in strengthening the muscles. It is open for everyone

A Must-Read Gear Guide for Beginner Cyclists

So what bike do you plan to buy next, a road bike, mountain bike or a hybrid bike? Well irrespective of the kind of bike you love riding there one thing I would suggest all beginners must

Want to be a happy cyclist? Here is what you should do

There are 2 kinds on cyclists in the world, one that just do it to stay fit while others like you and me who do it because it for us is an important part of our lives